How To Select Watch For Outdoor Enthusiasts

31 Mar

To those who enjoy skiing and mountaineering, rowing, etc ready to place oneself in danger of outdoor sports people, outdoor watch is the best choice, for this kind of crowd in many ways speaking, have other watches incomparable, best watches in 2010 bring you how to select watch for outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoor watch is the movement of people wearing, and possess one or several professional sport required functions. It can be in your campaign process to provide detailed data on environmental activists, the significance of concerned has aided instruction, to be more exact, outdoor watches are not only is a watch, more like a hi-tech equipment.

Compared with ordinary watch, outdoor watch waterproof, shockproof, except impact resistance, prevent friction outside, still have a pneumatic forecast, height, rhythm, compass four powerful functions, in addition, other value-added function may also have tidal figure shows, the computer operation, GPS and other emerging function. Currently popular outdoor watches material with high quality stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, rubber, a carbon fiber, ceramic alloy etc, choose different material can reveal the user unique personality.

How To Select Outdoor Watch

The First Group: liek skiing and mountaineering requirements for higher outdoor
Best Choice: professional outdoor watches
For keen on skiing, mountaineering, exploration outdoor activities for people who watch requirements for outdoor, also will be higher, ordinary several function far short of its real demand, therefore the choice has thermometer, barometer, altimeter, timers, electronic backlighting, alarm clock, data storage, automatic calendars, world city time, solar energy function of outdoor watch is necessary.
Best Recommendation: casio sport series
Comfortable appearance with lighter weight, automatic electronic plastic strap and easy operation fluorescent lighting for professional outdoor ace adjusting button provides a convenient. Cixin households with triple sensors, appearance solar cells, 200 meters strongest waterproof function, is in a strong outdoor sports watch. In addition to those for professional outdoor sports provide compass direction, highly, pressure and temperature measurement function, also equipped with outside the moon material, tidal figure, and other functions, especially suitable for mountaineering, yacht race and other professional sports.

The Second Group: hope to have a strong practical, for everyday wear outdoor watches
Best Choice: leisure outdoor watches
This kind of crowd of additional functions of table without excessive demand, pick one style has the basic outdoor character also is date, lighting, alarm clock, waterproof, temperature measurement, compass round-the-clock watch functions such as can be. Of course, if have the advantages of fashion, the firm is better, these watches will focus on the outward appearance is exquisite, well made, the durability to watch a higher standard.
Best Recommendation: Suunto X-Lander
Strong design structure, allergy al-alloy shell fully embody the idea of individuation design, and owns accurate electronic compass, precise altimeter and barometer. Wide display screens, and a big size readings and background light let you in any conditions can still clearly readings. In addition, durable natural crystal table add black leather waterproof cover more can highlight sedate watchband noble disposition.

The Third Group: love the focus on multiple sports enthusiast
Best Choice: multi-function outdoor watches
For those engaged in many sports like “mad people”, it will be more should choose on both sides of the collection in a body watch function of outdoor watches. Unremarkable watch inside contain infinite technological content and some have heart rate monitor watch, it is the good partner of athletes close-fitting.
Best Recommendation: Suunto X6HRT
Cixin households for athletes and appearance of outdoor aficionado is a movement instrument, because it besides having outdoor watch has the basic functions, but also equipped with high-tech signal transmitter, heart rate monitors, not only can record and analyze your present in the movement of data and improve your athletic performance, still can measurement and analysis about the environment, regional trip outdoor unknown risk to the minimum.


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