Royal Oak Of Audemars Piguet For Best Watches In 2010

25 Mar

In 1875, two young talents EdwardAuguste Audemars piguet JulesLouis with in the manufacture of watches cradle to the art of Switzerland, to create the manufacture of watches, 1881 brilliant career formally registered “Biguet & Cie Audemars” watch factory, Abby ever in international watch altar, launched a classical legends.Now,best watches in 2010 will introduce Royal Oak Of Audemars Piguet For Best Watches In 2010

It is Abby combined with high-tech material and 3D design field, the latest research results of its extremely rich administrative levels feeling and stopwatch row layout deep effect: double bar box and plywood in timer on both sides of the left and right sides is symmetrical, tuo flywheel splint etc component also passes brand-new modelling design. Innovation material is qualitative with black as the theme, besides amorphous carbon coated carbon system on the boards, QiaoBan using black steel clamping QiaoBan is qualitative, the bottom clip by anodic alumina materials to. In order to ensure that the overall aesthetic design, also used in harmony watchcase of high-tech material forging carbon black to make. Because is casting technology, so must first make the millennium series special horizontal oval case model, again will carbon linear cluster into a mould. Only 1 mm in diameter, is the carbon line 7 microns in diameter of thousands of carbon fiber production and become, and with resin fiber bundle into a bundle. Equipped with carbon steel casting line regiment in high-temperature and high-pressure forging forming, output forging carbon contains 76% of carbon and 24% of polyamide, vickers hardness up (general steel hardness 626 150), not only hard and lightsome incomparably millennium carbon tuo flywheel timing to the computer weight 69.44 grams only! Table BiaoGuan circle, and timing timers button USES bright face black ceramic, titanium alloy DeGai outer ring and titanium alloy AP wording continuation of the black fold clasp tone. To salute to senior motor sport, Abby especially in eccentric type dial three o ‘clock position installed a like a sports car inlet gate mouth, in order to add this independent components, with several different dials must part. Stopwatch aspects Abby adopted application very mature double a box of 10 dynamic tuo flywheel machine, after details of improved machine model for 2884. Everyone knows that a medal for ordinary mechanical machine (48 hours when the biggest power) error is the most dynamic output will start and run out of that for several hours. Similarly, long power machine error range is the first day and at the end of the day. So, 2884 movement respectively to avoid the wound too tight on chain and brake torque control in the Lord, and the latter can wind power output quality overpowered or gradually stop machine operation, weak midway through the power focused on the most stable output 2884 10 (the double bar can provide 12 days of power). Atlas size: 47 · 42mm.

Forging carbon watchcase collocation double table laps, upper forged carbon, the lower criterion with has burnish black ceramic composition. Dial black advocate tone foiling the central red anode to oxidation aluminum disc, Abby watch factory special for this limited style redesigned the disk to shade is engraved method to strengthen the administrative decorative pattern, present if copy of sports car inlet effect. BiaoGuan anode to oxidation aluminum shell after hollow out processing, rock-bottom red with red is like concealed, dials and alcantara fashion man-made leather watchband lateral two way red line mutual echo. Timing button fluent line, protect bridge the bronze colour and lustre and magnesium alloy material sports car wheels are very similar. Precious metals material pledges design and forging carbon style formed a striking contrast: atlas of the added modelling left circle sports car vents of forging similar on the right side of carbon components, carbon was also made button protect bridge meticulous detail processing. With four MEDALS protect bridge in the screw with exposed on the side sag, watchcase to set design clock button itself, using the upper rose gold and low light surface polishing black ceramic double structure. The third kind of watches can still keep forging carbon and black ceramic double table laps, but match 950 platinum atlas. Exalted matchless platinum and blue anode to oxidation aluminum dial complement each other, perfect harmony. Wrist watch adopted 3126 type timing 3126 machine, computer is famous 3120 type automatically machine timing version, stability of its accuracy and timing response when natural needn’t wordiness.


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    March 26, 2011 at 9:42 am

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    April 19, 2011 at 4:21 am

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  3. Caspian at Luxury Bazaar

    May 3, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    If you like their 2010 models, you should definitely check out Audemars Piguet’s 2011 offerings. They have a lot of classical luxurious styles suitable for businessmen and diplomats, but also some cooler styles with a bit of edge, suitable for young dilettantes and up-and-coming brokers alike.


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