Vacheron Constantin A New Watch For Men’s Watch

24 Mar

Vacheron Constantin was found in 1755, for the world’s oldest Horological manufacturer, and the world’s most famous table factory one.Vacheron Constantin 231 years history, a meal is the world’s oldest, longest famous brand watch, every year just production more than 20,000 dials the, the only on the cross emblem like Switzerland, had been grade and marked position and a symbol of wealth.So, best watches in 2010 will introduce a new watch for men’s watch.

This series symbolized the human spirit of adventure, is to explore the unknown “distance” process. This layer also signals the symbolic significance Vacheron Constantin bolton and the innovative, like “cooperation adumbrative wrist watch making and traditional decoration process blends of unlimited possibilities.

Loyal to Metiers d ‘Art Art masters series, “symbolique des laques” wrist watch series will be launched in three years of different subjects respectively each wrist, offered a set of three annual new wrist, limited 20 sets.

Each set of wrist watch all have different themes, including rip large and far-reaching since traditional artistic treasure-house far east. Each type of designing idea come from animals, plants, or minerals; They itself contains some sense, also or and other harmony: guardian or historical hero matchs with animals, animals and plants, plant and the combination of the combination of imaginary or abstract qualities, etc. These design from literature, poetry or legend and other various material.

In the wrist watch production, Vacheron Constantin bolton handpicked 1003 model, 14K yellow platinum hollow out of ultra-thin mechanical stopwatch. In order to give prominence to the wrist watch and exquisite Shi the drawing process, Vacheron Constantin meal used even plating ruthenium processing, make gold natural burnish become more downy, build a elegant effect. Sapphire crystal glass allows people can enjoy the adornment design of elegant unsurpassed, especially can clearly enjoy brand in Geneva workshops complete cant cut craft.

Meanwhile, the circular watchcase of concise lines reveal implicative and pure feeling, and “Métiers d’Art La symbolique des laques” wrist watch series of echo of zen.


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