Best Watches In 2010 For Men

23 Mar

Men are fascinated by the watch may be the only acceptable accessories, so choose a suitable watches for men is very important, and as watch producers, we must concern, watch what men need to bring anything, for example IWC, Casio,Cartire in 2010 will design a few suitable man watch, best watches in 2010 will introduces for you.

1. 2010 limited edition watch of wrist of pilots calendar

The world’s largest automatic machine and 7 days power storage system escort there, sitting on comparable mechanical calendar: unique four-digit calendar and the two hemispheres analysis shows but you honour enjoy. Extraordinary function, simple and practical operation enjoys build characteristic more limited edition 2010 large pilot calendar watch no copying the king of strength.
This renown date, week calendar display covers month, year and decade, and analysis shows that, hundred years are all show with subtle based sync format, through Sunday star theory regulation. In addition, the table all show calendar calendar, already according to set can be automatically adjust to 2100 years ago each leap day changes. “Simple operation” — 2010 limited edition watch of wrist of large pilot calendar is the core element are unmatched. Thanks to the strong function of synchronous automatic adjustment because of confusion, let the time and gifted henceforth no longer list of troubled, long time tunnel, the firm had never wavered in pace.

2010 edition of large pilot calendar watch contains the damping system and six ba waterproof pressure design. Stainless steel casing outside dimensions also stunning visual 46.2 millimeters in diameter and thickness, 15.8 mm. In addition, black alligator strap design special into folding clasp and individual character style with the rivet elements, striking orange express suture, visual impact unprecedented shock.

2. Casio 2010 EDIFICE new products

This watch using strong wind and six innings of metal as the main function of waves. Six innings waves function is the first time to join in EDIFIC series, the function can receive China, Japan, the United States, Britain, Germany standard time, no matter when and where electric waves signal, any regions can auto receiving waves, make watch with local standard time remains highly consistent readier to accurate. But the EDIFICE interpretation out sports spirit and the design of tidal flavour is dye-in-the-wood, is undoubtedly each man movement and the indispensable partner work.

3.Cartire Calibre de Cartier Male wrist watch of 2010

Bold, excellence and innovation, kadeya tabulation history to reflect a kind of unique excellent spirit. To continuously pursue breakthrough, trying to become the industry, kadeya uphold traditional sep., the design gives show watch company essence and tireless and enterprising spirit of the new man watches: Cartier watch Calibre coque. This new wrist watch launch first gold 100% kadeya homemade automatic winding machine movement: 1904 MC type machine. This innovation showed kadeya li zhen excellent development homemade machine, the more reflects its in research unceasingly enterprising, ambitious. Watch of wrist of Cartier DE Calibre personality, the mechanical structure with the creative inspiration derived from the circular clock, both strong and elegant appearance, grind arenaceous finishes and polishing adorn retain the photograph reflect. Concise and lively line achievement a brand new man wrist, the launch marks kadeya of the newest achievement of horological technology 1904 MC type machine.

casing, collocation of delicate elegance, four MEDALS table circle curvy watch ear and cylindrical streamlined BiaoShen perfect correspondence, displaying a exceeding self and enterprising spirit. Watch of wrist of Cartier DE Calibre in power and grace to find the best balance between, for the wearer to provide unprecedented comfort. According to the design of principle of human body engineering four MEDALS table ears, as perfect joint wrist curve as the second skin comfortable and natural. The grinding and polishing processing, the double convex shoulder to watch more elegant demeanour, and also can prevent the octagonal BiaoGuan from collisions, so as to ensure the normal operation of wrist watch.

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