Kadeya Cartier New Mens Watch Of Kadeya Cartier In 2010

22 Mar

In a blog The Final 10 CX Swiss Military 12,000FT Wrist watches Final Instances Of the Former World-Record Holder, once introduced in the 2010 watch ranking, kadeya is top row in the seventh, the result is good 。Now, best watches in 2010 will introduce the new products in 2010 Cartier.

From the time of the display, rotating, disappear, and appeared again. Kadeya with the brand unique tabulation technology let time shows that there is an unique interpretation to fill the mysterious way, the way of modern technology with uncommon hollow out wrist watch deduce more show let the time a ponder art.

From 1912 kadeya make first mysterious clock, kadeya display mode for the time that has a distinct interpretation process. Mysterious clock by visual blind Angle and light refraction principle let hidden from the mineral crystal base that the mysterious clock movement under the pointer instigated as from gravitational influence suspended in the air mysteriously. This unique mysterious precious tabulation technology embodies kadeya break tradition tabulation hedge boundaries to their original ideas “and create new chromatography when plan showing the way. Kadeya superlative to create perfect when for project with spare capacity, whether curiosa of unremitting watch when reading the bridge and the unity of the panel is hollow-out wrist watch or a disk three dial shows, Santos Triple three sides wrist watch 100 published this year by innovation niobium SIHH titanium is creating the concept of need adjustment Tortue turtle a-one, watch ID type calendar hollow out complex function tables and the Skeleton Rotonde suspended in the air flight tuo flywheel wrist watch all is kadeya in advanced TAB on the process with different ways to show is hollow-out table shows as senior tabulation home original spirit and exquisite tabulation artistry.

Hollow out first in the 18th century movement, they were both appear in pocket watch. Hollow out table is a door in the metal from mechanical device as the parts such as Lord splint, table bridge, ratchet wheel, clockwork boxes and other components to remove art. And watch the adornment of Bridges and Lord splinting, usually in the gimmick carved and carve carving out some representative leaves or flowers design, a moment is some scenes such as hunting or concert, etc.

Wrist watch craftsman feat, the charismatic movements in the table bridge is hollow-out the shape of the Roman numerals arranged to go to instructions of time. This unprecedented feats of integrating scale is hollow-out movements with Roman numerals in one, make the readability of wrist when BiaoBao impeccable, and for bring innovation design watch of wrist watch bridge, and machine using nickel silver alloy manufacture, to enhance the resistance. Kadeya also for this innovative design patent application.

Compared with the traditional hollow out wrist watch present the way, when a wrist watch for the more exquisite after completing the process presents static movement between creating art, tabulation homely will part will not affect the disk takes the case hollowed function through the light and space feeling, under the influence of interaction shows sense of vision, let through ir levels can glance.

ID a-one concept list, Niobium titanium (titanium) alloy Niobium – 46mm, cloth, diameter watchcase of 18K gold watchband, white of variable-speed type clasp, sapphirine crystal and table back, kadeya studio on mechanical machine, automatic made refined, no adjustments. Zrodur production, no with tiffany-twisted length regulator. A balance wheel crystal (mono – forming Carbon bloc) balance wheel, every hour earthquake frequency 28,800 times, longitudinal fork and grab longitudinal wheel – Carbon capture crystal material, no ruby, double bar box, power storage time about 52 hours, ADLC (motherboard with Amorphous Diamond coated Like platinum non-crystalline class drill – Carbon) coating, decorated with Geneva wave pattern case grain, tungsten steel pendulum ADLC coating with.

Kadeya in the use of innovative materials on their first since, except there in the early 20th century will high hardness extremely rare applies the platinum jewelry creation, kadeya also will first fine steel qualitative used in industrial field to navigate with fine steel quality have precious a novel collocation makes watch making and horological material selection on have more choices.

This year the SIHH Ballon Bleu in classic kadeya is ONE called the modelling of make watch, 25 ID concept in aviation equipment using kadeya will the niobium titanium (Nioium – titanium) used in this without the concept of only table set-up. Gray extremely futuristic tonal and hollow-out the design highlights the Ballon Bleu classic disk level. A whole concept table fang Buddha floating in different times the $future star.

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