Rolex Watch New DEEPSEA Silent Hunter Wrist In 2010

21 Mar

Rolex watch of wrist DEEPSEA silent hunter the depths of the Rolex oyster type motion DEEPSEA is global professional Marine divers, and to challenge the allegiance of personal limit personage of the watches in 2010 for your detailed introduction.

DEEPSEA Special prototype watch the 1950s, rolex DEEPSEA for Special prototype watch for rigorous and comprehensive test. In August 1953 DeepSea, Special descend to 108 meters (about 3,543 feet) of DeepSea, the same year later 3,150 meters (about descend to 10,334 feet) in 1956, finally descend to more than 3,700 meters (about 12,138 feet). In 1960, the first two paragraphs on manufacturing of diving wrist watch knowledge and experience, the third generation of DeepSea Special wrist watch can withstand extreme harsh conditions and environment. This watch is also tied to submarine submarine, in Trieste), the boat orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems (the body, and to descend to the marianas Trench Mariana Trench) “(” (the Challenger Deep depth of Challenger Deep sea area, the record for) 10,916 meters (35,813 feet).

I meant how unappealing in 1960, silent hunter deep-sea navy submarine in the test, the deep, Trieste), successful orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems (dive deep in the Pacific most the marianas Trench Mariana Trench . Tang? Walsh (Don Walsh) responsible for steering, he and Jacques Jacques Piccard melchizedek (pickup in, the on the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems, the set this unprecedented feat expedition. Deep-sea submarines and be tied to craft a rolex watch Deep Sea prototype Special since 10,916 meters (37,800 feet) Deep Sea water, still functioning normally back. This only wrist watch with durable and reliable? Excellence, for in rolex watch altar laid an important seats.

Size: 44 mm
Material: stainless steel
Outer ring: black pottery qualitative rotary
Glass: blue crystal
Surface: black
Waterproof: water resistant up to 12,800 feet 3,900 meters
Movement: automatic chain
Strap: discount Glidelock buckles with
Type: 116660

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