Watch Series Swarovski 2010

18 Mar

On an article, introduce New Watch Brand Ranking 2010. Now, best watches in 2010 will detail a different Watch Brand’s performance in 2010.

After successfully launched in 2009, and watch series launched at the end of a series of limited sheet is tasted, Swarovski in 2010 with the new Basel watch series, world clock into again Baselworld jewelry expo (and global tabulation market. Swarovski in a series launched 45 watch, today season is with a new paragraph 16 watch limited sheet is tasted. The company’s “Octea”, “Piazza”, “Elis” and “D: Light” thematic series, for swarovski watch series of success laid the foundations, and companies in 2010 and introduce more extended the series of new color table. Swarovski adds two new thematic series, the first series for launch three watches “Dresstime”. The second topic series “crazy ‘n’ Light”, is shirt-sleeve the upcoming 2009 “D: Light” message of new “Avant a” concept. Swarovski again using the Swiss tabulation industrial technology and standards, perfect quality and achieve the ultimate accurate timing function. With unique long imitated crystal swarovski cut craft, every watch is really classic. Design, innovation and perfect, still carry out all over new watch series.

In 2010 launched three new color table Octea paragraph, except continuance “could” thematic series both elegance and charm and function outstanding design features outside, also bring more the colour of profusion choice.

Octea Sport

Octea Sport

This year the orange “Octea launched the watch, could” dynamic discoloration function, classic design and invulnerable watch a mechanical device, while adhering to a perfect combination of this series of internationally design advantage.

The whole made by cutting imitated crystal rotary table circle, for a one-way technically a major breakthrough. Unique charming transparent copy crystal table laps, tie-in bright eye brilliant orange minutes instructions. In not reflective of sapphire glass mirror, dial with luminous below on the second and the pointer, with orange calibration and Mosaic of Arabic numerals. 3 point sets date display window, nearby 12 o ‘clock position then show swan logo. Exquisitely meticulous gray grind arenaceous silver radiation pattern, dials show the swan logo and give BiaoGuan, make this round of vaulted by 39 mm stainless steel case and Swiss one watch more perfect ETA machine.

Bright colours “Octea could watch the movement,” new style and fashion charm easy integration, and further established the classic watches swarovski series in the important position.


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    It is an enthralling and informatory post. It has been very helpful in understanding of diverse things. I’m sure most people will agree with me.


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