Top Wrist Watch In 2010

16 Mar

Exalted platinum wrist, reveal the man’s temperamental hollow out wrist watch, mechanical wrist watch of wrist of ceramics, personality, in recent years the preference of the rich people all deeply.By 2010, the world’s top watch brand, and what new product launch? Best watches in 2010 for your introduction.

1. Patrimony Traditionnelle “Caliber 2253” wrist, limited 10 rockets

KEYWORDS: platinum

As the most pity expensive precious metals, if be used to the platinum high complex function mechanical watch, can highlight wrist watch more idiosyncratic, the honourable has favored by the celebrity dignitaries.

2010, Vacheron Constantin will platinum use acme, roll out three paragraphs platinum material of high complex function wrist, including Traditionnelle Patrimony Caliber 2253 “wrist watch” the most attention. Stylist is in platinum skills to get incisively and vividly, including 43 mm in diameter PT950 inscribed “atlas,” the words of the dial, BiaoGuan and half Malta cross symbol of folding clasp, in addition, dial sharp swords made with platinum fractal clockwise also challenged the production technology, the new height.

New movements 2253 model can display sunrise and sunset time, time equation, calendar and tuo flywheel function, with Geneva imprint, thickness, the only 9.6 mm 457 a parts. Dial the smooth and grind arenaceous alternant processing, delicate spiral pattern minutes scale circle, circular dials and diamond grinding vice motifs within rounded corners. Set posted hour scale and Malta cross symbol made with platinum, waterproof deepness amounts to 30 meters.

2. Classima Executives XL hollow-out window wheat and motivation stores display wrist watch

KEYWORDS: hollow

2010 new launched grams les m series wrist watch presents brand-new design connotation, whether mature and steady business people still vibrant city adventurer, or both, grams les m is their best choice. Silver dial compose with “grain d ‘orge” form ACTS the role of grain, through 12 o ‘clock position of hollow out Windows, but will put the lithe and graceful posture swinging vedic cocktails.

This wrist watch power storage display function in six locations through the 18K gold pointer in special instructions red walk to display a disk. Black Roman numerals and hour scale collocation compose with the sun adorn grain dials, filled with low-key luxuriant. Transparent table back perfect show exquisite master tabulation technology: a Geneva adorn tattoo inscribed on the automatic stopwatch, delicate burnish of chain LanGang screws splinting, machine photograph reflect, and perfectly display tradition tabulation model. BiaoGuan engraving Phi, gives a brilliant brand highlight the noble qualities that detail.

3. Hermes new men’s mechanical watch

KEYWORDS: machinery

Arceau wrist watch series is brand designer Henri d ‘Origny in 1978, classic, inspiration from MaShi with love has been wedded equestrian world. Its extraordinary creativity, is reflected in the stirrup embody wrist watch design.

New Arceau Ebony timing timers, elegant quality and extremely fine craft, harmonious natural express the wearer successful man in 43 mm makings — stylist the Ebony color on the surface, with standard for Numbers and when new and highly representative on the gray, plating on special orange in the super brand for a second hand around the surface smoothly run, and timing of mechanical meter heart position movement also issued sweet swinging rhythms. Modelling concise date to show a window that relief type vice dial, maintain coordination with the whole surface are a result of beautiful appearance, strengthen the clear readability and functions. Calf leather strap heroic style with selecting dials color photograph echo of ebony color, Arceau series unreservedly revealed this peculiar fashion new character and confident overflow of elegant appearance.

4. IWC leonardo ceramic timing wrist

KEYWORDS: ceramics

New leonardo ceramic timing wrist to barrel by fractal case design, high-tech ceramics, zirconium oxide and titanium make and become. WanGuoBiao homemade automatic chain IWC FeiFan clock machine, equipped with timely, minutes and seconds function of the timer function. In addition, the high production precision makes machine can directly was installed in case no longer needed within the idiomatic – before fixing ring movement. And WanGuoBiao before the titanium alloy used different IWC, brand-new leonardo ceramic timing wrist watch circle, table back, button and BiaoGuan land-falling in superhard material can be made, the titanium gold in polishing and filar satin processing. Titanium and ceramic these two material not only extremely tough, prevent scratch, but also has the pleasing silk touch. And elegant small leather strap, surface through a special processing, present a high-tech fabrics texture, realized a high-tech and elegant aesthetic subtle fusion.

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