The Final 10 CX Swiss Military 12,000FT Wrist watches Final Instances Of the Former World-Record Holder

15 Mar

Confident, you all know concerning the monstrously capable as well as all around bad-ass CX Swiss Military 20,000FT watch,best watches in 2010 which is the undisputed king of scuba diving replica Salvatore Ferragamo scarf. We unboxed one right here, as well as it was an encounter we won’t eventually forget. At present the 20,000FT watch was only produced in 1000 units, that is really a relatively limited piece for a watch so many people lust after.


Nonetheless, simply several years earlier, CX Swiss Military held the Guinness Globe Record for deepest diver with an additional watch, one known as the 12,000FT watch. This pace location diver was the then undisputed champ of the divers until Rolex had to come along as well as ruin the party. The 12,000FT watch remains in the CX lineup, nevertheless not for extremely extended, as well as which is what we’re talking in relation to right now. Only 365 of these benz mobile are to be made, 1/3 of the lot for that 20,000FT watch, as well as our buddies across at The Timekeeper as well as Clock Forum have the last ten for sale made…ever.

At present numerous of you may be curious why any person would want the 12,000FT watch if you could merely buy the 20,000FT watch as well as have the Present world document holding watch. The solution is straightforward. 1st, the 12,000FT watch is a lot more limited. Second, while this watch is by no signifies a shrinking violet, it truly is considerably thinner than the 20,000FT watch as well as therefore a lot more wearable any time you’re not four leagues below the sea.

This watch functions the same COSC certified Valjoux 7750 activity as the 20,000FT watch, helium escape valve, too as that now excellent box as well as list of accessories as well as documentation that we showed you in the unboxing.

Do you think it’s the best watches in 2010?


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